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Fleet Management Services

At Hanaeni services pvt. Ltd, we work with each client on a personalized level to help them get quality properties in their desired areas before their planned arrival in Bengaluru. Or, in cases where someone is entirely new to Bengaluru and overwhelmed with where to begin, our experienced staff will suggest areas that both fit their desired neighborhood style and complement traveling to their intended workplace. Upon arrival in Bengaluru, we guide them on in-person viewings while providing an overview of the neighborhoods they are considering. We also supply custom area maps detailing nearby train stations as well as supermarkets, drugstores, and other stores providing daily necessities.

Once the initial housing contract is finalized, we proceed to conducting a hearing session with the client regarding their furnishing needs. We then coordinate with the company’s HR department to put together the budget and contents of furniture to be leased through Hanaeni services pvt. Ltd

Our company coordinates with suppliers to have everything delivered at a timeframe that complements the client’s arrival schedule in Bengaluru. Living room and bedroom furniture are assembled in advance; appliances moved in and set up all the essential comforts and functionalities of a home prepared neatly in advance so that you can start your new life smoothly from your very first day in Bengaluru.

Of course, no move is complete without utilities and internet, and Hanaeni services Pvt. Ltd is happy to assist with those, too! We provide correspondence with utility companies and internet providers

For international corporations who tend to routinely rotate their roster of staff in Bengaluru annually, leasing through Hanaeni services pvt.Ltd can be both a streamlined and economical choice. Furniture being leased can be transferred between the company apartments, eliminating the need to repeatedly lease new furnishings from scratch every year

Let Hanaeni services pvt. Ltd is your one-stop solution for all your Bengaluru relocation needs. To begin, simply contact us and our friendly staff will be in touch shortly.  Your Corporate Fleet Management Partner!

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