One of the most common staffing struggles is having to hire or replace new employees. Business owners who try to recruit on their own often run into problems, after all there are searches to resumes, to review, interviews to schedule, conduct, and backgrounds to check… and that’s just the beginning!

Because of all the time needed to find the perfect employee for the job (contract, temporary, or permanent), many employers outsource their hiring needs to staffing firms. Here are the top four reasons employers need a staffing agency.

  1. Staffing Agencies Have the Resources

Employers typically do not have the time it takes to focus on onboarding or hiring specifically when it comes to passive recruiting (recruiting those who are already working). Convincing a person who’s not looking for a new opportunity can take quite a bit of time and follow-up.

Even with candidates who are actively looking or hiring tasks can require more time than you have to spend.


  • Search for that hard-to-find candidate
  • Review resumes and applications
  • Conduct phone and virtual screenings
  • Interview candidates face-to-face
  • Check backgrounds and references

With Hanaeni’s Staffing, the lengthy list of candidates is narrowed to a fewer or handful. All that’s left for you to do is to increase Your productivity will increase as the screening process reduces.

#2. Staffing Agencies Have the Network

Over time, staffing agencies are able to develop deep networks with both hiring managers and candidates. Because of their wide and deep connections, staffing firms have the ability to be nimble. They can help keep businesses fully staffed during when special projects or busy times are in the works and additional expertise may be needed.

#3. Staffing Agencies Understand Your Needs

Third-party recruiters are industry specialists and understand both the needs of the potential candidates you hire and your needs. When a staffing firm looks for a candidate, they’re considering skills as well as experience, potential, and your company culture. Recruiters spend time with each potential candidate to understand what their workplace goals are and conduct assessments on what the perfect placement would be. If for some reason the hire doesn’t fit, ensuring your company will find the right candidate, firms guarantee a replacement.

#4. Staffing Agencies Can Save You Money

Not only does a staffing agency save you money, it can save you time. Many “new hire” costs are absorbed by the company, as are benefits and sometimes training for temporary employees. Using a staffing firm can also alleviate the burden of unemployment claims, so if you do choose to terminate or change the employee or the contract, the burden falls on the agency.

Hiring the best people is an investment that keeps on giving. All of  Hanaeni services pvt ltd.’s Staffing services are free until you hire.

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